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photo: Mount Washington, Webster Cliffs in foreground [ID:17]photo: Snapshot: The Head of Crawford Notch [ID:18]photo: The Windswept Western Flank [ID:19]photo: Mount Pleasant [ID:20]photo: Ammonoosuc Ravine [ID:21]photo: The Cog Railway [ID:22]photo: Summit Cone, Alpine Garden [ID:23]photo: Huntington Ravine [ID:24]photo: Summit View [ID:25]photo: From above, Mount Washington's summit; Boott Spur beyond (1) [ID:26]photo: Over Carter Dome [ID:27]photo: Over Carter Dome - Mount Washington from the east. [ID:28]photo: Over Carter Dome and Wildcat Ridge [ID:29]photo: Mount Washington - The East Face [ID:30]photo: Huntington Ravine and the Summit Cone [ID:31]photo: Tuckerman Ravine (1) [ID:32]
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Huntington Ravine and the Summit Cone [ID:31]
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Huntington Ravine and the Summit Cone  [ info ]
A peek into Huntington Ravine, favored by winter ice climbers and long a training area for Northeastern mountaineers. Central Gully lies partly in shadow; South and Odell Gullies can be seen on the left; Yale Gully and a portion of Damnation Gully can be seen on the right. The Alpine Garden and the summit cone lie above.
The White Mountains Collection was donated to the Mount Washington Observatory by Brad Washburn
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