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photo: Mount Washington over Burt Ravine [ID:01]photo: Mount Washington over Chandler Ridge [ID:02]photo: Mount Washington from over North Conway and the Saco Valley [ID:03]photo: Over Mount Washington, toward Carter Dome [ID:04]photo: Mount Washington Summit cone over the Lakes of the Clouds [ID:05]photo: A windswept summit, Mount Washington (1) [ID:06]photo: A windswept summit, Mount Washington (2) [ID:07]photo: From above, Mount Washington's summit; Boott Spur beyond (2) [ID:08]photo: Mounts Lafayette and Lincoln [ID:09]photo: Mount Lafayette [ID:10]photo: Over the Bonds, Mount Washington in distance [ID:11]photo: Eastern view of the summit cone, Mount Washington [ID:12]photo: Into Crawford Notch [ID:14]photo: Up the Dry River (1) [ID:15]photo: Up the Dry River (2) [ID:16]photo: Mount Washington, Webster Cliffs in foreground [ID:17]
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A windswept summit, Mount Washington (2) [ID:07]
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A windswept summit, Mount Washington (2)  [ info ]
A westerly wind blows spindrift beyond the summit structures, on a field of gale-sculpted snow and rough rock, dotted by an occasional trail cairn on the uppermost part of the Crawford Path. In the distance lie Carter Dome, the Baldfaces, and the lake country of western Maine.
The White Mountains Collection was donated to the Mount Washington Observatory by Brad Washburn
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